10 Ways To Strengthen Your Hair

People who have weak hair also have to live with not being able to style it as much as they would like to, because doing so often causes further damage to already weakened hair. Because the strands are weak, there’s the fear of breaking them and they don’t stay very long in the curls you’ve styled them in. At times, this is due to a person’s genetic makeup. Other times it’s because of an unfortunate medical condition. Furthermore, the continuous use of styling products can damage your hair further with their chemical ingredients. Your hair may seem like it has a mind of its own at times, but if you treat it nice with the right kind of pampering, you’ll end up with long, strong and thick hair.

10 Ways To Strengthen Your HairWashing Your Hair

Using the correct shampoo and conditioner has an adverse effect on the health of your hair. Matching the appropriate shampoo with your hair type and style routine can save you the trouble of dealing with further damage. If you tend to use tools that expose your hair to heat a lot, opt for a hair-washing product that can help. Avoid using a straightener and instead try product that straightens or defrizzes hair. If your hair is prone to breaking, go for products with which may work to renew or restore your hair – or simply ones that prevent breakage. Make sure your hair remains moisturized too as heat can dry out your hair.

The use of products which offer protein treatment to your hair can make it thicker and stronger. Also remember to use a gentle microfiber towel after you’ve washed your hair, as has a higher rate of absorbing water.

Styling – the necessary evil

As mentioned, the use of styling applications that expose your hair to heat, such as hair straighteners and blow-dryers, end up weakening your hair strands, causing an increase in breakages. If you absolutely can’t do without using a hair dryer or flat-iron, make use of a protective coat with the help of a serum prior to exposing your hair to heat. An ionic blow-dryer, which is twice as efficient as a regular one because it dries your hair in half the time, is recommended for blow-drying. When using a straightener, make sure that it has porous ceramic coating which can prevent frizz and hair breakage. Also remember, when brushing your hair to make use of a brush in which the bristles are rounded, i.e. ball-tipped, rather than sharp and jagged; or a wide-toothed comb, which will be less rough on your scalp. Also remember not to brush your hair too much as it can lead to further breakages.

10 Ways To Strengthen Your HairKeeping Your Skin Healthy

Using circular motions with your fingertips, massage your scalp every night to increase the blood flow. Begin at the bottom of your neck, moving upwards to your hairline. You can even do this while shampooing and washing your hair.

Maintain a protein rich diet to help nurture your hair, as hair is made of a protein called keratin.

Eating food rich in protein, such as meats and nuts will give your hair a boost. Also remember to go for regular trims to remove split ends and prevent brittle hair that breaks.

How To Navigate Chemical Products

The use of hair dyes and products with chemicals can be damaging for your hair. It can cause damage to your hair by drying it out and weakening it, as hair dyes contain the chemicals peroxide and ammonia. Instead of using chemical laden products, opt for an alternative products that are available in the market. The use of as henna, or semi-permanent would lessen the damage you are causing your hair as they contain no chemical agents. These products work on your hair for a temporary time. In giving up permanent hair dye, you will get color that lasts from 2-8 weeks or mre – but you will have healthier hair in the long run. Look for dyes that are designed to prevent dry hair, such as one that includeoils, as they will lock in moisture. If pencil straight hair is your beauty dream and your flat iron keeps on damaging your hair, try products with stearyl alcohol. Remember that opting to style your hair so that its curled, straightened, primped or permed look good but in the long run they lead to weak follicles.

When To Worry

People who suffer from alopecia or experience an increasingly high rate of shedding hair that exceeds 100 strands a day should consult a doctor for treatment.