This is a review of Nappturalistic Beauty Super Hair Growth Supplement. This is a dietary supplement that claims to strengthen hair from the inside out by helping it to grow faster, longer and stronger. It is meant to work for both men and women and will encourage new hair growth. Read on to find out how this supplement can help you get the hair you have always wanted.




The following is a list of ingredients present in the supplement:

  • Spirulina- This ingredient effective hastens the growth of hair by providing protein and antioxidants
  • Chlorella- This converts to Vitamin A which stimulates hair growth
  • Wheatgrass- Helps prevent hair loss by providing nutrients, minerals and vitamins to the hair follicles
  • Garlic Powder- Prevents loss of hair through shedding and helps keep hair healthy
  • Saw Palmetto– Known to reverse the effects of male and female pattern baldness
  • Dosage

It is recommended to take 3 capsules per day. This supplement should be taken for a minimum of 3 months and is recommended to be taken for 6 months. After the 6 months, it is suggested to continue taking at least 1-2 capsules daily to maintain healthy hair. It is also recommended to do daily head massages to stimulate blood flow to the head and promote healthy hair growth and removal of dead skin and hair from the scalp.

Possible Side Effects

The website does not state any side effects associated with taking this supplement. It does state that the supplements are made with all natural ingredients and may contain peanut or nut products and/or fish oil. It suggests refraining from using this product if you have an allergy to either of these ingredients. It is recommended to consult your physician before beginning to take any supplements to be sure they won’t interact with any current medication you are taking. It is also recommended to discuss this with your physician if you are pregnant or nursing. It does state that you should keep the supplement out of the reach of children.


The supplements can be purchased online for $30.00 for one bottle of 90 capsules. This is enough for a one month supply.


The website states that there are no refunds or exchanges on any of the products sold by this company. All sales are final. If the product arrives damaged, they will replace if returned to them within 5 days after receiving the product. It also states you have to notify them within 24 hours of receiving any product that is incorrect or damaged. They offer no cash refunds.
There are numerous reviews listed on the website that praise the product and its effectiveness on hair growth and its ability to help keep hair healthy. After reading through the testimonials, most of them are for other products promoted on the website including shampoos, relaxers, etc. I didn’t see any specific reviews on the supplement itself. The reviews of the products sold by the company as a whole were fantastic.


Nappturalistic Beauty Super Hair Growth Supplement seems to have the ingredients that will provide the nutrients necessary to help promote healthy hair. The website does not offer any guarantees that the product will work. Even though there were many reviews on the website, none of them were for this particular supplement which makes me wonder if it does what it really says it does. As a result of these red flags, it may be better to keep looking for a different hair growth supplement.

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