4 Herbs For Longer Hair

People who have scalps that are easily susceptible to dry skin can gain the benefits of using herbs as opposed to chemical laden products. Choosing herbs over commercial products may greatly enhance hair growth for people who are trying to grow out their hair. Natural, chemical free herbal products are now even available markets which sell organic products, making your life easier. There aren’t any magical herbs that make your hair grow faster than a speeding bullet, but if you know which herbs have what effect on your hair, then you can follow an herbal regime that will optimize hair growth.

For Strength, Rosemary

4 Herbs For Longer HairYou will find many hair products that make use of rosemary because it’s notorious for hair care. It works by vitalizing the part of your hair that needs the right kind of nudge – your hair follicles. According to research, not only does it help to encourage hair growth, it also makes your hair stronger in the long run. To gain the herbal benefits of rosemary without suffering the consequence of chemical induced products, start including rosemary in your diet or make your own rosemary hair rinse.
It’s almost like brewing tea. To make a rosemary hair rinse, take a few fresh rosemary leaves (or dry if they are out of season) and let them sit in simmering water. Let it be in this state for several minutes. Do not strain the liquid right away as letting the mixture cool down will allow for more rosemary to be extracted into the liquid. After that, pour it over your hair before rinsing it out. Beware that the use of any topical ingredients may lead to irritations or reactions on your skin – in which case it is recommended to take the herbs orally.

For Protection, Chamomile

Chamomile can help with hair growth and also adds a layer of protection to your scalp because it has multiple effects on your hair. Apart from nourishing your hair, preventing an itchy scalp and hair loss, chamomile also fights against infections. To optimize the positive effects of chamomile on your hair, you can massage a little bit of its essential oils on to your scalp. Do this during your shower, not before you’ve washed your hair but after. If not, you can make use a chamomile rinse using the aforementioned method.

For Circulation, Ginkgo4 Herbs For Longer Hair

This is a widely known herb in the world of hair care, as it boosts blood circulation in your scalp and even has healing properties for repairing damaged hair. The most useful method of using this herb for treating your hair is to take over-the-counter supplements.

Ginseng, The Super Herb for Hair

Ginseng is a multi-talented herb, which is why, like rosemary, it’s found in many products used for hair care. It boosts circulation, stimulating hair growth. It also helps your body get rid of toxins, offering holistic health benefits for your entire body.

Dandruff and other kinds of problems that are related to the scalp can inhibit hair growth, sometimes leading to hair loss. Products that contain ginseng which are in popular demand include ginseng tea and supplements. But you can also make use of fresh ginseng roots in your diet to reap the benefits of this herb to make your hair healthy and strong through nourishment.