Are Hair Loss Drugs Sapping Your Testosterone?

It is something that is affecting too many of us for too long. Hair loss. The thinning and/or balding of hair is an experience that most people are keen to avoid. When choosing your weapons in the fight against hair loss, caution must be exercised. This can be said to be no truer than in the case of Propecia, or finasteride. There have been cases where this manufactured pharmaceutical has had adverse effects on the patient, who was simply aiming to reverse the effects of hair loss. These side effects have been so severe, that some people claim to have practically been turned from a man into a woman as a result of taking the drug.

Are Hair Loss Drugs Sapping Your Testosterone?For men with thinning hair and receding hairlines, a drug which claimed to restore their hair and revolutionise male-pattern baldness was seemingly miraculous. However, the method behind the drug is something that is definitely cause is concern as, rather than balance hormones, it seemed to revered them completely the other way, with shocking results.

Propecia worked on the basis that hair loss came about as a result of a testosterone imbalance, and you could rectify this imbalance by counteracting testosterone, therefore effectively reversing hair loss. However, certain side effects that came with hair re-growth included a softening of the breast tissue in men and even a loosening and widening of the hips, much like in a woman.

As you can imagine, such a drastic physical change would ultimately affect all aspects of someone’s life. There is, of course, direct correlation between our physical state and our mental state. Such changes could see a loss of identity, of mental well-being and assurance. So as a result of simply trying to combat hair loss, men could end up losing a lot more than they had originally lost. A sense of dignity, modesty and confidence could all be lost due to the side effects of a drug that was intended to help them against these very negative elements.

Are Hair Loss Drugs Sapping Your Testosterone?Of course, the side effects and the extent to which they have an effect on the patient’s life are subjective. But it does bear thinking about when deciding which remedy to opt for to treat hair loss. It certainly does not seem worth jeopardising your identity and inherent physical form for the benefit of hair regrowth, especially as there are far safer means of remedying the problem out there.

Rather than opting for a man-made pharmaceutical such as Propecia, it may be worth considering something with less risks and far less nasty side effects. Indecent haste, and a quick-fix mentality that comes from experiencing something like hair loss should always be avoided so as to not further damage your health in potentially irreparable ways.

Before taking any new medication or remedy, you should also have good communication with your doctor and way up the risks against the rewards. Hair loss is something that can be prevented, and indeed reversed, but it is about being careful and wise to ensure you maintain general health and well-being as well as treating your hair loss.