Increased Circulation For Faster Growing Hair

Your blood circulation affects you in more way than you think. It can result in low amounts of blood flowing to the scalp, which hinders the flow of nourishment to your hair. These weak follicles eventually leads to hair loss. Because the circulation system delivers nutrition to your hair through your hair follicles, in the case where there is low circulation to hair follicles, your hair will suffer from not getting the important nutrients required to make it healthy and thick. The best way to fix this problem is to use natural methods to increase circulation, targeting your hair follicles. Through increased blood stimulation, your hair will gradually become healthier and full of life.

Herbal Supplements

Increased Circulation For Faster Growing HairThe Chinese strongly believe in an herb called Gingko Biloba. This herb is believed to increase blood circulation, specifically targeting the head region. Traditional customs have resulted in the Chinese using the herb for centuries. So famous are its effects that many students take supplements during their exam periods, believing that it will stimulate blood flow to their brains making them smarter!

While the brain-boosting capabilities of the herb remain an open debate, people still believe it has the ability to boost blood circulation. Following the application instructions meticulously is important for the herb to be effective, as taking any more or less of the recommended amount will render its usage obsolete.

Scalp Cleansing

If your scalp is dry, the skin at the top of your head becomes flaky and itchy. If your scalp is cleansed regularly, it increases blood flow to your follicles as well as balances the quality of the skin on your scalp. You have a wide variety of options to choose from when cleansing your scalp, from homemade remedies such as cedar vinegar to more commercial products available in the market such as skin relaxers and scalp cleansers. It’s important to use what suits your skin as certain products can cause irritations depending on the individual. Stick with the treatment that helps your skin feel relaxed and smooth.

Increased Circulation For Faster Growing HairYoga

Yoga in the modern context is a form of exercise that encourages the stretching of your body through various poses – and it can be used effectively to increase blood flow to your head, and therefore your hair follicles.

There are various kinds of poses practiced in Yoga that can direct blood flow specifically to your hair. Some of these poses invert your body so that blood flows more to the head than any other parts of your body as a result of gravity.

Head Placement

This method is similar to using yoga for stimulating your blood circulation, but is a less extreme way to go about it. Its effect is similar to the practice of yoga as it targets increased blood circulation to your head. However, it’s easier than yoga and the instructions are fairly simple. Place yourself at the edge of your bed in a manner so that your upper chest, neck and head are sticking out. After you have positioned yourself, lower your neck and upper chest below the place where your heart is. Hold this position for as many breaths as you can and return to the former position.

Helpful Products

There are currently many products on the market that help to alleviate low hair follicle blood circulation. Many of them are all natural herbal solutions that can be effective without producing any medical side effects.