Natural Remedies for Stopping Hair Loss and Damage

We all know how important our diet is in terms of our health, but it may surprise you to know that what we put into our bodies is not only evident when it comes to our waistlines, but that it is also reflected on our heads. The health of our hair is dependent, like the rest of our body, on what we consume and the balance of our diet. Of course, we can affect the appearance and texture of our hair by which shampoos and conditioners we use, but for a more effective, natural way of influencing your hair, you should turn to your diet.

Natural Remedies for Stopping Hair Loss and DamageThe first thing to consider is your sugar intake. Not only refined sugars, but also naturally occurring sugars, such as those in fruits, should be accounted for, as an excessive amount of sugar could be hindering your chances of having healthy hair. Unhealthy fats also play a part in restricting hair growth as they clog the hair follicles, congesting them to the point where hair is unable to grow or does not grow efficiently.

There is such a thing as too much animal protein and dairy in the diet. As such, your best bet is to opt for a whole food diet that incorporates healthy oils such as coconut and olive. Ensure to consume plenty of nuts, seeds, low sugar berries and even seaweed to give yourself a fighting chance of having a luscious mop of hair. An intake of Flax and Chia seeds will have unrivalled benefits for your hair due to their high content of essential fatty acids which will improve the quality of your hair and aid in the process of transform thin, weak hair into thick, glossy locks.

Natural Remedies for Stopping Hair Loss and DamageThere are many hair-enhancing supplements available that can improve the health of your hair, such as zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium. These, as well as natural remedies such as saw palmetto, stinging nettle, green tea, pygeum extract and pumpkin seed oil, and you may find these to be considerably beneficial in your fight against hair loss.

Another factor to consider is how we wash our hair and the effect that has on it. Shampoos contain harmful cleansers and additives that antagonise and irritate the cuticle on the hair shaft, creating dead hair that will be prone to thinning and falling out. Not only are harsh chemicals found in the products we use, but also in the water we rinse in.

Shower water contains fluoride and chlorine which weaken the structure of the hair strand and causes it to fall out. It is advisable that a good shower filter is used in order to ensure that you are washing in purer water. A combination of diet control, the incorporation of supplements and chemical-free cleansing is the key to unlocking your hair’s true healthy potential. It is all about being mindful of these factors in order to take control of your hair.